Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thick blood.

You know when you sit still for a long time and you can almost feel your blood getting thick? I feel like that.

Anyway, while all of you are having group sketch times, I'm down here with a cat, an old lady, and an Intuos3 for company. I make ridiculous vector graphics and continually throw myself at the t-shirt printing industry to avoid a vegetative state.

Various degrees of vector smush, mostly in the form of birthday cards for friends.

This image is in the running (well, maybe bringing up the tail end of the running) at Shirt.woot's weekly contest. You can even vote for it if you've bought a shirt from the site before.

This cricket bat shirt would very much like to go to print, and could do so with your kind votes.

I'm looking forward to harassing the Richmond population in November.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Up, Left, Right

Sometimes I get working on a serious illustration, but then I get distracted by some scrap paper and this kind of thing happens.