Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Grimm & Grimm

For a while during the summer I was doing a lot of drawing for a fairy-tale spinoff story featuring the brothers Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm. The challenge was to do one drawing a day for one, two, or three months. Here's some of the stuff from the month I did.

Wilhelm Grimm

Wilhelm and Jakob in Gretel's kitchen.

Gretel's house cutaway

Gretel's house concept.

Gretel's house. It's actually on the spot where the witch's house once stood. Gretel gave up sweets and spent her adolescence learning how to grow fruits and vegetables. She also used the witch's books and notes to learn magic. Her brother, Hansel, travels most of the time in search of seeds and saplings to expand the variety of his sister's garden.

Gretel's house concept

Gretel costume color combos. I like G best.

The brothers and one of their note books. They have a pile of books just like it, all filled with notes on folklore and myths.

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